The Ultimate in Luxury 

Indugently Soft 100% Cashmere 

When you wear cashmere, you feel special.

That's because this remarkable wool is delicate, feminine and oh-so soft on your skin. No chaffing. No tickling. Just pure cuddle-comfort ahhh'.

Yet it is also up to eight times warmer than regular wool. So much so that you can often only want to wear it on your head, neck, wrists, or ankles to keep the rest of your body warm and happy.

That's why we at Roberta May Designs and Interiors have designed a range of gorgeous vital point-warmers including fingerless mittens, wrist warmers and headbands.

All of them have different finishing details for an added touch of class.

As you'll see, we have lots of wonderful colours and combinations of finishes, and we constantly update our collection with new ideas, so there's sure to be one that suits your personal style . But, if you don't see one that's perfect for you, please contact us to discuss what we can design for you.


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